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  Protects your drink, identifies it and stops spillage!

Great for backyard parties, camping, fishing, picnics, music festivals, other outdoor activities and kids’ parties too!

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Introducing the Stop a fly

Are you tired of having your drink ruined by an annoying fly or bug!? Well look no further, Stop A Fly is a 100% Australian-made and owned beverage protector.

Our uniquely designed protectors will look after your amber nectar or any other drink. They easily attach to 95% of beer and soda cans, beer, cider and cruisers bottles and champagne and wine bottles.

Our products are spill-proof, and available in 5 funky colours and made of durable safe and odorless ‘BPA free’ materials.

Stop A fly can be used for not only bug protection but can be used for drink identification, anti-spiking plus more! The uses for the Stop A Fly are endless, from Kids’ Parties to camping, back yard parties or music festivals. 

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